Do you want to help our cause?
When we walk together everything is easier!

Do you want to help our cause?

When we walk together everything is easier!

Thank you!

You already helping us to exist because the most important thing the group needs to survive is our visitors!

We know you realize running a Parent & Toddler group is a lot of work and responsibility. To move along easily together you are always welcome to give us a hand anytime you want.

If you feel unsure how, here are some activities where we always accepting help:

  1. To Set up the playground - when you want you can come 10-15 minutes earlier and help us to set up the toys for the group.
  2. Give us a hand with the snack - just ask on the window if you would like to give us a hand to prepare the snack.
  3. Helping with the serving - when it is possible please help us to clean the tables before and after the snack.
  4. Help with the cups - washing after the snack&tea takes a lot of time and extra hands are always welcome - just ask on the kitchen window if you would like to help.
  5. Making noise - tiding up the toys can be hard mission if our little guests don't want the group to end. Keeping them away from the toys by singing popular kids songs while they are "playing music" is a help that we appreciate.
  6. Tidy up - giving us a hand to tidy up the toys in the boxes and the facilities on their place is huge help as at the end we are tired. Please pay attention on the labels and place the toys on their boxes. That will make our next setting up them easier.
  7. Spoil everyone - you are good in baking and want to make more people enjoy your pastry, then you are welcome to bring a carrot cake, homemade biscuits or something special you like to do!

We understand you are coming to rest and enjoy so, please, do not feel under pressure to do all this things everytime you come. Whenever you feel comfortable and however you can - it is up to you!

We are glad we have you anyway!