Parent & Toddler Group - Conwal Tots, Letterkenny

Join our Friday morning chill out!
Enjoy a cup of coffee and find new friends while your children play and socialize

Parent & Toddler Group - Conwal Tots, Letterkenny

Join our Friday morning chill out!

Enjoy a cup of coffee and find new friends while your children play and socialize

You deserve a bit of a break!

Looking after a child is the most important job in the world. Day after day, you raise an incredible

little human, which has its challenges. This work is hard, lonely and can feel never ending, so why

not come down for a cup of tea and a chat with other parents, while your child plays and interacts

with other children in a safe environment.

Is this group for me?

If you are in Letterkenny or the surrounding and are looking after children from new born to Junior

Infants, then this group is for you. It’s on every Friday from 10am – 12pm and we love seeing new


Is it hard to look after children all the time?

Finding things to do

It takes a lot of effort to keep a toddler entertained at home. Some days, we can just run out of ideas and energy.

Feeling confident

Raising children can be challenging and often we ask ourselves, “Am I doing things right”

Remember to look after yourself

Everybody else takes priority when we are busy with kids, the cold coffees are a symbol of things we forget or just don’t do for ourselves.

How can we help you?

Go out of the house even on a cold, rainy day.

Conwal hall is full of many different toys and activities for babies and toddlers.

Your child can play happily and socialize with other kids.

Meet people in the same situation as you.

Realising that other people have the same challenges and find different

solutions makes you feel more confident and a better parent.

Have your drink before it gets cold.

We treat the adults with hot drinks and pastries while their children enjoy a

healthy snack, which we provide at the same time.

Find new and old friends.

Many long term friendships have started from Conwal tots Parent & Toddlerg group. Others meet their old school friends or

neighbors. What pleasant surprise awaits you here?

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Ready to start

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Conwal Tots in action

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Snack time!

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Do you prefer tea or coffee?

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The adult's secret treats

Joining Conwal Tots is easy. You don't need registration or booking. Just follow the steps:

Come Friday to Conwal hall

We are open between 10.00 AM and 12.00PM.

Enjoy the group

Sit and have a chat or walk around and play with your child.

Say Goodbye

And if you like it - come again next week. We will be happy to see you again!

How much does visiting the group cost?

Our work and organization of the group are voluntary. That being said, we have to pay the

groups bills, renew the toys and buy supplies and all the goodies. This is why we are kindly

asking for a small contribution of 3 euro per family. This can be paid anytime during the

group at the kitchen window.

Thank you!

Important things to know before you come!

Important things to know before you come!

All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Some Fridays the group is off or we meet in the park instead of the hall. To avoid disappointment please check for notifications on our Facebook page or in our website News page to make sure the group is on.

The required age of the children is up to 5 years of age. Of course we wouldn't ask you to leave if you have an older child with you. As the kids can get very involved and excited in their games, we ask all adults to please make sure they are careful with the babies and the younger children in the hall. All care has been taken to ensure a safe space is provided for children of all ages but we ask the community to work together in the supervision of the group.

Who is behind the group?

Conwal tots Parent & Toddler group is organized by Letterkenny local mums. Many different women have taken care of the group and helped through the years to have it today. If you want to learn more or want to help us - please check the links below.